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We are so proud of our Member of the Month winner Anna Yearley. She has come such a long way from when she first started training with me. I would highly encourage you to read her inspiring story.

BIF: Why did you join Burn It Fitness and what have you achieved since training with us?

AY: I joined Burn It 9 years ago when I was seriously out of shape and unfit. I hadn't done any proper exercise since leaving school (a long time ago!). I found Sara on gumtree and was her first ever client.

Exercise is now part of my life, and I feel guilty when I miss a session. I enjoy it very much and feel in much better shape.

I've also made some great friends through Burn It, not least with Sara and Louise the Directors. I'm so proud of what they've achieved through their incredible hard work.

BIF: How many times a week do you train, what's your favorite session and why?

AY: I now train three times a week through group PT. I love all the sessions but my favourite are with Channel. She has eyes in the back of her head! The classes are tough, intense but brilliant. And I always feel great afterwards.

BIF: What advice would you give to a Member struggling with motivation?

AY: Talk to someone! If you're struggling don't just think "oh I won't bother this week". Pick up the phone and speak to one the trainers.

And if you do miss a class, don't feel guilty, just jump back on the wagon.

Even when exercise is the last thing on my mind I always feel better for going to a class, never worse.

BIF: Can you share what goals and challenges you are working on and why?

AY: One of my great achievements was losing nearly 5 stone a few years ago. I've put some of this back on so I'm currently trying to lose weight and tone up. There is another Burn It client Meredith who has great arms. I want Meredith's arms. And Sara's bum!

BIF: Do you have any tips you can share with our other Members? AY: It's all in the mind! It really is. In the early days "I can't do it" was my favourite expression. I don't think I've said this now for months. The trainers will never make you do anything you're not capable of. It's an hour of your life, you've paid your money, so make the most of it!

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