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Action Packed Group Personal Training in Blackheath! Get Fit & Look Great

The Group Personal Training at Burn It Fitness combine the personalised attention of Personal Training with the fun and camaraderie of working in a group of up to 4 individuals.

We know how important an individualised programme designed around your goals and needs is to your success in health and fitness, but we also know that a group of like-minded and supportive individuals will help push you to improve and make it much more fun!

Get Real Results With Group Personal Training In Blackheath

Our in-studio Group Personal Training sessions work through your personal bespoke strength and conditioning programme with cardiovascular exercise and interval training within every workout. 

We have developed a unique programme that enables all levels to train together in the privacy of our studio. You will join the 8 week cycle and progress on every level. We support all our Group Personal Training members with nutrition support, meal plans, food diary analysis and 1-2-1 reviews every 8 weeks. 

Our timetable of sessions enables you to commit to 2,3 or 4 set sessions per week for between 12 and 72 weeks.  You can switch sessions on the weeks you have other and know that keeping you on track, progressing and regularly attending is our number one focus. 

All our Group Personal Training coaches are highly experienced fitness professionals skilled at 1-2-1 coaching and pushing you to the next level. 

This programme is also ideal for members looking to train for a specific event, returning to training after an injury or needing extra motivation and accountability at a fraction of the cost of personal training. 

To get started we offer a number of solutions to discuss joining this unique programme contact us today by completing the short form on the side of the page.

Group Personal Training, At Burn It Fitness Empowers You To Reach Your Goals

This fun, small group training programme will give you nothing you can't handle and push you to be your best.

For more information on how to get started, just fill out the short form on the bottom of this page!

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