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Our next 28 Day Intensity programme launches in June 2020! Secure Your Spot For This Life-Changing Programme now!

I think you’ll agree that it’s a strange time right now being in isolation. It seems that we will need to wait a while longer before gyms or outdoor fitness sessions can resume. However, with our online sessions, you can still achieve results with your health, fitness and immunity.

Watch the video below to see what our amazing members are achieving right now with our online training!


Imagine making 2020 the year you transform your fitness, drastically improve your confidence and shape up so you can not only look great but also feel amazing!

Jane - Most attended sessions with a grand total of 41!. Jane's prize was a place on the upcoming January Bootcamp!

Adam - When I gained a considerable amount of weight over the years I wanted to get fit again but also try something new and sociable.

On the Intensity programme, my biggest success was seeing the results of 4 weeks of hard work, losing weight, increasing my fitness levels and feeling healthier than ever before. My biggest challenge was giving up alcohol and bread but it was worth it.

If you are thinking of committing to Intensity but not sure if you can handle the pace and intensity, I would say 'go for it'. It seems like a big commitment but it's only 4 weeks. The other people who sign up are great fun and when you start to see everyones else's results it will motivate you even more. I found it quite tough at the beginning but by the third week I was feeling the benefits and by the end instead of giving up I was squeezing out those extra reps. One major tip I can give you is to make an extra effort with the nutritional focus as it makes a big difference and Burn It gave me some great personal advice.

Ann - Lost 5.8 kg/12.7 lbs


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