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Prepare yourself for any marathon, no matter the distance, by joining our Specialist Running Programme.

Planning ahead for that 5k, 10k, marathon or half marathon? Here at Burn It fitness we can give you the best advice from our running specialist Jim. He can offer a unique coaching experience for all abilities and distances.

Your Coaching Experience

You may want to run faster, longer, more confidently and consistently. You could be training for an endurance sport or event and want to make sure that your training is effective and time-efficient. Alternatively you may be recovering from a traumatic injury, or experiencing a succession of injuries that are hampering your capability or enjoyment.

Jim is a fully qualified Personal Trainer and UK Athletics running Coach whose track record and focus is on rehabilitation and performance coaching of athletes, sports-people and expedition participants to successful outcomes. He has 40 years of competitive experience in endurance sport and is a highly ranked age-group endurance athlete. He is highly academically qualified and is a senior clinician at the top NHS Orthopaedic hospital in the UK.

His mission is to assess you, suggest and agree a bespoke package of input with you. The pack will allow him to identify your current strengths and weaknesses, set out a bespoke training plan and support you throughout that plan all the way through to your defined target or event in association with the Burn It Fitness team.

Our Burn It package includes;

  • Athlete questionnaire
  • Assessment session – baseline measurement, data capture and feedback
  • Training sessions
  • Physical preparation (S&C) and cross-training
  • Coaching support and data monitoring
  • Follow-up sessions
  • Cross-training sessions

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Specialist Running Programme Part 1 - Why Coaching?


Specialist Running Programme Part 2 - Goals & Gains


Specialist Running Programme Part 5 - Form & Feedback

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