At Burn It Fitness we have created a non-intimidating, encouraging Community of members and coaches that will make your training experience enjoyable, and will support you to achieve lifelong health and fitness results.

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Supporting the Blackheath & Greenwich Community

Founded in April 2008 by passionate fitness professionals, Burn It Fitness has become a Blackheath landmark having helped over 1000 local residents achieve their goals and feel great. Burn It Fitness is the leading local Fitness Specialist for people wanting to improve their health, increase their energy, reach their training goals, lose weight and look great. We pride ourselves in creating an inclusive community, helping busy new mums, regular marathon runners and everyone else that wants to boost their confidence and reach their goals.

Unlike traditional gyms or Boot Camp style classes that can be intimidating, impersonal and lack accountability, Burn It Fitness offers a personal solution delivered in a
friendly environment by experts. No matter who you are, we take the time to understand your personal needs and deliver the results you deserve.



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Intensity Bootcamp near Blackheath

Katie Dean

My gym is in lockdown but I’m so grateful for their virtual sessions.

Kelly joined Burn It in January 2019 and has been a member of our Group PT, PT, Outdoor and Intensity Bootcamp programmes!

Due to the recent restrictions surrounding COVID-19, some of our services will now also take place online.

All members including Kelly had the option to utilise these fantastic daily sessions to ensure their mindset, health, fitness and immunity was where they need to be during this difficult time.

Kelly takes part in the virtual online workouts and absolutely loves them!

“Without it, I probably would have lost my mind by now. I would whole heartedly, absolutely 100% reccomend Burn It in their online classes”

Watch Kelly’s story below...

Personal Training near Blackheath

Kelly McLaughlin, Online Training

Intensity Bootcamp near Blackheath

Andrew Pearson

I started training with Burn It about 9 years ago when I had got out of the habit of regular exercise and wanted to feel stronger and fitter. I immediately felt welcome into the Burn It community and found the Outdoor Group classes to be fun, varied, and challenging. The trainers will always offer adaptations and feedback even in quite large group class so that whatever your level of fitness, you can access the exercises and progress at your own level. This has been crucial for me over the years as my training needs and level of fitness has varied a lot due to having had three children since I started with Burn It. The trainers have helped me to navigate training during pregnancy and returning to fitness after periods away from exercise after the babies. The Intensity Bootcamps have been AMAZING as a way to kick start my fitness again after periods away: combining nutritional goal-setting as well as exercise goal-setting has been so effective and motivational. I cannot recommend Burn It highly enough! You won’t be disappointed!

Intensity Bootcamp near Blackheath


Personal Training near Blackheath

Alysha Paterson, Online Training

Personal Training near Blackheath

Sarah Broad, Online Training

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