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Michelle Walsh

Originally from Co. Kerry in the west of Ireland, Michelle's passion for the fitness industry really took off when she moved to Sydney in late 2000. Being in the sun and around all those healthy people really gave her the buzz for health and fitness. Michelle lived down under for 5 1/2 years and completed her studies in Nutrition and Natural therapies. Michelle returned to the UK in 2006 where she worked as an advisor and supervisor in a well-known London health store and eventually took on her own clients working as a freelance Nutritionist. She went on to qualify with Premier in Personal Training in 2009. Michelle worked for Virgin Active at one of their central London gyms but always longed to be outdoors again! As well as having her own PT clients she runs nutrition workshops for corporate clients helping them to improve their diet and the effects it has on their life. Michelle is our resident nutritionist here at Burn It to help everyone achieve their fitness and health goals through training and proper nutrition.

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