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Stephanie Quiepo

Growing up in a family of yoga teachers, holistic therapists, football players and rugby players, exercise and wellness has always played a huge role in Stef's life. Although her career took her into the world of fashion for nine years, to her friends she was always the go to person for the best fitness class recommendations and the latest in healthy eating. So much so that she started leading circuit classes for her friends in the park and was challenged to help one of her besties to get in shape for her wedding. The reward of seeing her gals get fitter, stronger and healthier was the start of her journey to getting her personal training qualifications and embarking on a huge career change. 

Stef is incredibly passionate about keeping women healthy and, in particular, helping mums to stay strong and empowered throughout their pregnancy journey and beyond. Positive powerful women are a magical thing and her mission is to create as many of them as possible!!


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