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We realise that going to the gym probably isn’t top of your ‘would love to do list’. It might be (in fact for some it definitely is!) but we recognise that for many it’s likely to be viewed as a necessary evil. A bit like going to the dentist, only for longer and more regularly!

So we've had a good think and tried to re-imagine every aspect of how gyms do things. We recognise that fundamentally it’s not just about maximising yourself it’s about maximising the time that you invest getting there. We’ve therefore set out to bring in a bit more accessibility, warmth and ‘realness’ than you’ll normal- ly find. That alone won’t take away the sweat and pain but it’ll help... and it’ll certainly make the process a bit more enjoyable!

It starts with how we’ve conceived the overall layout of our new gym and runs right through our personalised programmes. We’ve devised something for everyone’s tastes - whether you’re a relative gym novice looking to boost your overall health, a young mum looking to keep your figure (and your sanity!), a heavy weights humper or a seasoned boot camp buster.

No matter where you are in your own personal exercise regime our small and friendly team can devise a programme just for you. So why not pop in for a juice and a chat. We’ll get you on the way to where you want to be and we’ll quietly walk (or shout and run!) alongside you every step of the way.

Because we’re small it means that we’re a bit more agile. It also means that our clients are just that bit more important to us. In our world you’re not simply a number to be crunched. In fact the only thing that’ll get crunched at Burn It Fitness is your body!

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