Our Member of the Month: June is....

BIF: Why did you join Burn It Fitness and what have you achieved since training with us?
CF: I joined about four years ago having been bullied by my siblings into running a half marathon for my sister's 50th.   PT with Michelle got me to 10km and then I joined the old Tuesday and Friday running classes.  A combination of Jim and members encouragement got me through the next 11.5km of Cape Town's Two Oceans last Easter.  The race was delayed by 18 months due to our preference for a more enjoyable party which gave me the motivation to join two of the intensity bootcamp's.  A month of regular sessions ensured I caught the bug and this year I've got hooked on the small group classes, with Gareth dragging me up a weight or repetitions each week.

BIF: How many times a week do you train, what’s your favorite session and why?
CF: What I really like about Burnit is the ability to fit it into my life.  I'm not working at the moment, so the afternoon small groups and Friday boxing classes are more civilised than the 6am sessions that served me so well when I needed to be at my desk in the City before 8am.  The evening classes just don't work for me.

BIF: What advice would you give to a Member struggling with motivation?
CF: Look around at the other members - there is always someone struggling more than you and someone who has worked through what you are struggling with.  I was unable to do a sit-up two years ago and now they are my favourite.  I used to hide under the bridge during school cross country runs and I now enjoy doing 10km trails.  

BIF: Can you share what goals and challenges you are working on and why? 
CF: My South African sister is visiting in September and has manipulated the rest of us into doing another half marathon.  This time round I am hoping to not be overwhelmed by the quantity of training and ensure I don't need the physio in the build up.  So I am using the Burnit experts to develop my training plan and to structure my small group sessions to balance the effect of lots of running on my body.

BIF: Do you have any tips you can share with our other Members?
CF: Pick one exercise and focus on it until it becomes a walk in the park - my first one was star jumps, I'm currently nailing the side plank.  It really highlights progress over a short time frame.  Needless to say I have no intention of ever enjoying burpees.

The Voewood is a gorgeous little store that has opened up recently at Blackheath Standard. It is run by the very lovely Nicola Jackson, a  local mum of two.

It is a womens wear and lifestyle boutique full of beautiful things to wear, to use, to enjoy. Part of the independent shopping experience at Blackheath Standard 

Read more about the Voewood at https://www.facebook.com/The-Voewood-857199477709494/

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