Member of the Month Deirdre Brady | Blackheath Personal Training

Rain, shine and wind - our Member of the Month for February, Deirdre Brady, is always smiling and training hard. Good work for showing us how it's done Deirdre!

1) Why did you join Burn It and what have you achieved since training with us?

I was never a fan of gyms and always much preferred exercising outdoors. I've been running for years and thought it was time to try something different. I often used to run by the Burn It flag on Blackheath and thought it looked like fun so I convinced a couple of friends to join with me and, although it was tough, we all really enjoyed it!

The main thing I have achieved since joining is a good all round level of fitness and, more importantly, meeting lots of new people

2) How many times a week do you train, what’s your favourite session and why?

I usually try to train about 3-4 times a week. My favourite session is Rundamentals with Jim on a Saturday morning. Jim is always creative with his sessions so you never know what to expect! 

3) What advice would you give to a Member struggling with motivation?

The main thing that motivates me are the other Burn It members and trainers. Everyone is so friendly and supportive. Even when it's freezing cold, pouring down with rain and we are covered in mud, we still manage to have a laugh! 

4) Can you share what goals and challenges you are working on and why?

My main goal at the moment is just to maintain fitness, especially now it's coming up to summer. I'll probably try to sign up for a half marathon later in the year. 

5)  Do you have any tips you can share with our other Members?

Just work at your own pace and not worry about what everyone else is doing. 

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