Member Of The Month | Blackheath

Member Of The Month | Blackheath

Elisabeth Rothaug was a recent Burn It Member of the Month. Having attended 10 06:00 am sessions during February, here are some of Elisabeth's Burn It Fitness experiences.

Why did you join Burn It Fitness and what have you achieved since training with us? 
I have been a member on and off for many years and Burn It has seen me through many phases and transitions in my life. Managing the stress of clinical training, getting ready for my wedding and then pre and post pregnancy. I rejoined Burn It most recently when I wanted to get back into the swing of things following the birth of my second child. Attending the Mum & Baby classes at the studio with my daughter for around 6 months helped me regain my strength both mentally and physically and carve out a little bit of me time in the process. When my daughter became mobile, I felt fit enough again to rejoin the outdoor group sessions. Working out on the heath in the fresh air is the perfect combination for me.

How many times a week do you train, what’s your favorite session and why? 
I try to go three times a week and only attend the 6 am sessions as that perfectly fits in with my routine. With two young children at home, I am up early anyway so the early start is not too hard; I love starting the day with a workout as it leaves me feeling energised all day and knowing that I have had an hour to myself before starting the day is a great feeling. I do a combination of the circuit sessions and running to mix it up and stay motivated. I also try to fit in one weekend swim.

What advice would you give to a Member struggling with motivation? 
Start slowly, set achievable goals and then build up gradually so you do not get too exhausted before you have regained your strength and motivation. I also find that small steps like getting my gear ready the night before and planning meals around my workouts really help me to fully commit and ensure I have no excuses to pull out at the last second.

Can you share what goals and challenges you are working on and why? 
I want to continue getting stronger and more toned. More longer-term, I would love to run a half-marathon again and possibly even a marathon.

Do you have any tips you can share with our other Members? 
Focus on how good you feel after a workout rather than the effort you may feel it takes to make it to a session. Sessions are so versatile and fun and will be over before you know it. You will feel the benefits long after the session has finished.

Congratulations Elisabeth!

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