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  • How Meditation Can Benefit Your Fitness Goals

    Finding time to take time out is always a struggle in our hectic lifestyles. We are constantly bombarded with social media and expectations. Time to exercise is important but spending the time to step back and meditate is good for our mental wellbeing. Meditation seems to be a fad at the moment, but it has its roots in Buddhism. There are a number of different types of meditation and ways to practice. This article makes an interesting read and outlines the key benefits of meditation. Click Here to read the article. A good way to get yourself started is downloading an app. You can find some guided meditation apps and timers, to begin you on the journey of meditation becoming part of your ....

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  • How to Establish a Wake-up Routine for a Good Morning Every Morning

    A New Day Dawns

    We’ve all had one of those days: groggy all morning, lethargic through lunch, and cranky all afternoon. You know one reason for your muddled brain and foul mood: sleep — not enough of it, and not the right kind. It would be nice if bedtimes and wake-up routines were only important in our childhood years, but adults can also benefit from a bit of early-hour planning. If you haven’t been hopping out of bed each morning, ready to crush your to-do list, these handy techniques might help.

    Quantity Counts:
    The foundation to a good morning starts with getting the right amount of sleep. Even adults need a solid 7-9 hours (yes, really!), so make sure you ....

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  • Burn It Hero Olwen Davies - Her Success Story

    Olwen has lost 10% of her body weight over winter, starting at 86 kg and is now down to 77kg. What was your reason for starting training?
    I'm a relatively active dog owner, cycled locally, watched my diet but I kept getting heavier. I needed an alternative to the pub after work. I wanted to cut my weight and alcohol intake. I knew Burn It to be a welcoming and fun group, so once back in Greenwich joining up was a 'no brainer'. How did you feel back then?
    I regretted losing fitness, the weight gain and it was a struggle to get my knees near my elbows! I felt silly as I had previously been fit and all the exercises felt really difficult. I felt tearful a few times! I was often lost in ....

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  • Member Of The Month | Blackheath

    Member Of The Month | Blackheath

    Elisabeth Rothaug was a recent Burn It Member of the Month. Having attended 10 06:00 am sessions during February, here are some of Elisabeth's Burn It Fitness experiences. Why did you join Burn It Fitness and what have you achieved since training with us?
    I have been a member on and off for many years and Burn It has seen me through many phases and transitions in my life. Managing the stress of clinical training, getting ready for my wedding and then pre and post pregnancy. I rejoined Burn It most recently when I wanted to get back into the swing of things following the birth of my second child. Attending the Mum & Baby classes at the studio with my daughter for around 6 months helped ....

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  • New Blog Post

    Would you like to know exactly what your body was made up of? An accurate value of %fat, %muscle, %water and bone? We are looking at a number of potential machines that would accurately measure all of the above, and track your changes over time. It's so precise it tells you if you have 100grams more muscles in your left or right arm ?? From month to month you could see your body transform, not just in the mirror but in an app on your phone. Have a look at our facebook page and fill in the poll ....

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  • Born To Burn It

    Born to Burn It:
    There will be a few timetable changes to our Mum and Baby session, Louise will be making calls to book everyone into their preferred time. ....

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  • New Studio!

    New Studio:
    We have identified an exciting space that could make a fantastic new home for the future. Cross your fingers and toes but watch this space....

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  • Base Camp

    Base Camp:
    We are thrilled to announce that we have been granted a little longer at Base Camp by our Land Lord. The session will continue as normal.

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  • New Group PT Class

    New Group PT Class:
    We have added a new 18:00 Monday night class with Melissa at Base Camp, if you wish to change one of your regular sessions to this time please get in touch.

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  • New Outdoor Class - HIIT It Hard

    New Outdoor Class - HIIT It Hard:
    As requested by our lovely Burners......On Thursday the 17th of August we are adding a new outdoor evening class with the newest member of our team - Melissa. Please come along and try it out, it will run for 4 weeks as a trial and if it proves popular, we'll add it to the schedule on a permanent basis. It will start at 19:00 for one hour. The first 30 minutes will focus on cardio and the second will focus on strength. Book in today on Mindbody to reserve your space at Melissa debut session.

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