Personal Training In Blackheath

Burn It Fitness In Blackheath Offers Premier Personal Training To Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals


1-2-1 Personal Training sessions take place at our brand new studio in Blackheath, outdoors or online.


Question: Is a PT for life, or just for Christmas?  
Answer: Both. 

In fact, personal training is there whenever you need it. It’s there to help you take that tentative first step into exercise, for specialist training (fancy a marathon?), for that kick up the proverbial, for rehabilitation, consistency, motivation, accountability and darn it, it’s there to make you feel good. 

At Burn It we’re changing the language of exercise and aiming to turn that “should” in to “want” through our Personal Training and Group Personal Training sessions. 

“Not tonight darling, I’m completing a super-sonic, one-rep max superset”, said no one, ever. 

Here’s the key: It’s your time, your way. We don’t need to tell you the benefits of exercise (but we can if you want, how long have you got?) You tell us, what is important to you? We’ll take any goal, add a few ingredients, shake it up, give it a pinch of salt and turn it in to a programme that is achievable, rewarding and just for you. 

We’re not committing you for life, Personal Training is just one piece of the Burn It training cycle, for the moments when you most need it. And here are just a few of the benefits:

  • A fully personalised training programme at a time that suits you 
  • Choose to train 1-2-1 at our all-singing all-dancing studio in Blackheath, live online via Zoom, or in the garden at your home.
  • Friendly, professional trainers that understand your goals; literally inside and out
  • High fives on demand

Best of all, your Personal Trainer is your partner in crime, the Goose to your Maverick.  Why not cruise on over to our team pages to see the superstar trainers that will bring you Top Gun status. 

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