March 22

My Experience in 3 Words: Worth Every Penny


“I am a keen runner, but was very out of shape recently. I was about 16.5 stone, and I was feeling uncomfortable in my own skin. I joined Burn It Fitness Team Training and started going to sessions 3-4 times per week. Shortly after, I completed the Loch Ness Marathon, and immediately signed up for the London Marathon. I recently added Group PT to my membership, and in no time I look and feel stronger in my arms, around the chest, my legs … and I have burned fat that was with me for a long time—that has been a big win for me.

Without any extra effort, since joining the Group PT programme, my running times have just started to drop … it’s just amazing. If I could sum up my experience in 3 words: Worth Every Penny.”

~ Chris – Graphic Designer

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